Friday, December 10, 2010

BAP - Business Advisory Program for Chartered Accountants

The Business Advisory Program is an ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) initiative to help their members to explore new avenues of enhancing the scope of their services, thereby increasing the revenue opportunities. Considering Tally's expertise in the domain, ICAI has chosen Tally as the technology service provider to facilitate the Chartered Accountants (CA) in offering IT assisted services to their clients. This program aims to boost the CAs’ service portfolio with Compliance and Advisory services.
ICAI's objective is to demonstrate that the traditional services Chartered Accountants provide to their clients, with this program, can add more value to the clients’ business and hence their own profession. The program, as ICAI believes, will open the flood gates to immense revenue potential for their members and also the potential to a larger client base.

The cornerstone of this program is to bring technology into the hands of Chartered Accountants - enabling them to boost their incomes dramatically. The principles being applied are to demonstrate how technology,

  - Can reduce operational cost, and increase efficiency of the Chartered Accountant’s practice
  - Help the Chartered Accountant offer novel services at affordable costs

This program will aim at increasing the Chartered Accountants' efficiency in the traditional & advanced repertoire of services together with personalized access to the Tally network. The Chartered Accountants can grow, support and sustain their clients' business by using Tally's technology platform.
The Chartered Accountants can register for the Program and strengthen their services with the Auditors’ Edition of Tally. With the Tally.NET as the service enabler, there will be a revolutionary change in the way the Chartered Accountants have been servicing their clients.

The Chartered Accountants registered to BAP will be facilitated to enhance their competencies in the IT space in general with products specially developed by Tally for Chartered Accountants under this program. Chartered Accountants would be able to provide related IT services to clients considering the Chartered Accountants domain knowledge and expertise. ICAI believes that the Chartered Accountants will have the opportunity to build and grow additional service offerings to their clients through Tally technology.

By participating in this program, the Chartered Accountants will witness the high potential for revenue generation through enhanced services offered to their clients. Chartered Accountants will be able to cater to their clients' business needs much faster, there by saving the Chartered Accountants' valuable time, which will prove to be beneficial in terms of new client address and satisfying existing clients.

The CAs will be regularly informed about the range of expertise and services available to be offered to their clients, and Tally will provide the CAs with products, tools and processes to facilitate the delivery of such expertise and services.

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