Thursday, December 09, 2010

Tally Tips - Send SMS From Tally.ERP 9

Short Message Service In Tally. ERP 9

Did you know that you can now access information by SMS?

This can be done in four easy & simple steps:

1. Include Mobile Number

Login to the Control Centre by providing User ID and Password

Click W: My Profile or press Alt+W
Select the required Salutation
Enter the name of the Contact Person
Enter the mobile number in Mobile No(s) field

2. Enable SMS
Go to Gateway of Tally > F11: Features > F4: Tally.NET Features
Set Yes to Enable SMS Access
Enter the short name for the company in SMS Company Name

3. Authorise Users
Go to Gateway of Tally > click F3: Cmp Info > Security Controls > User and Passwords
Select the required Security Level
Enter user’s email id in Name of User
Set Yes to Allow Remote Access
Set Yes to Allow SMS Access

Connect Company
Go to Gateway of Tally > click F4: Connect

On successfully connecting the company to Tally.NET the message appears in the calculator pane.

You can now proceed to query information via SMS by sending in your queries to 556679<9>
<9> is the SMS Suffix or a unique sequence number allotted to each company connected.


  1. I suppose its cool tips, and for beginners it will be very useful. When I started my bussines, I was looking for articles like that, but found nothing. So its great that now every person have ability to read about such amazing advices. Now, when I have experience in SMS software, I can recommend you this service / that can help you so much.

  2. Bulk SMS serves this purpose by conveying customers about the launch of new products, services, special offers and other important updates on regular basis

  3. A security business needed to automate and centralize their time sheet process for all of their remotely located security personnel. At each site a supervisor was supplied with a mobile phone with allocated SMS text credits.


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