Sunday, June 12, 2011

For Tally.ERP 9 Support post a new Issue / Query using the Support Centre available in Tally.ERP 9?

To Add or Post a New Query:

Go to Company Info menu or Gateway of Tally > Support Centre (Ctrl + H) > Click N: New Issue or press Alt + N > Post Your Support Query form appears > mention the Send to address > type the Description and Accept.


Go to Company Info menu or Gateway of Tally > Support Centre [Ctrl + H]

  • Click N: New Issue or press Alt + N
  • The form entitled Post Your Support Query appears as shown. Fill in the required details in the fields provided:
Send to: Select a New Service Partner.

To search for a service partner by Name:

  • In the Search by field, select Name from the list of Searching Methods
  • In the Name Containing field, enter Technowin and press Enter
  • The New Partner Details screen will appear displaying Name as Technowin Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 

The Post Your Support Query form will be displayed as shown:

Note: In case of Remote Login, the Send to will also display the Email address of the account to which you have logged in, in the Send your query to list.

 Subject: Type the subject of Query raised and press Enter or click A: Accept to go to the next field.
  • Description: Type the query description and press Enter or click A: Accept to go to the next field.

    Send the query by pressing Accept? Yes or No.

The New query will be updated in the Support Centre query list, as shown:

Now soon you will get  reply from Support Centre.


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