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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

How to pass a cheque bounce entry in Tally.ERP 9 ?

Pass a reversal entry using a Payment voucher as follows:

Dr. Debtor's A/c

Cr. Bank A/c


1. A separate voucher type named Cheque Bounce under Payment voucher can be created to track cheque bounce entries.

2. You may also pass the reversal entry using a Journal voucher, by enabling the option Allow Cash Accounts in Journal in Journal Configuration.


  1. Sir, If Issue a cheque to the party and if cheque bounces on first time present in bank, then again presents after some days and it clears, what would be the entries in tally?????

  2. In Billwise accounting, please advice how to account a cheque return entry. I will tell you with an example.

    Assume, I have sold an item on credit, worth Rs.50,000/- on 1st Jan. Now on 1st Feb the above invoice will show as 30 days old. Right?. On 15th Feb the customer gives me a cheque for 50,000/- which i adjust against the above bill. On 17th Feb the cheque bounces and i pass a journal entry on date 17th Feb.

    Now, on 20th feb if i check the agewise outstanding, it will show Rs.50,000/- as 3 days old !!!. Which is actually misleading. Is there any other way to show that the Rs.50,000/- is 50 days old?


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    2. Hi basheer, did you by any chance find out how to treat a bill wise bounce?

  3. Hi
    If i issue a cheque on 30-3-13 till 1-4-2014 it is not clear so how i passing tally entery on 1-4-2014 & which under group its showing