Sunday, March 25, 2012

Tally.ERP 9 - Full Paid Version Or Cracked Unpaid Version ?

Tally is a great product and for some reasons there are still many users working on a Unpaid Version (pirated copy). So why should you not use Unpaid (pirated) version of Tally? Before we tell you why you should not use a Unpaid (Cracked) copy, let us analyse why you are still using a pirated copy. As far as we know, you are using a pirated copy for the following reasons:
  • You don't want to invest so much (you don't have money)
  • You don't want to invest so much (you have money, but don't want to spend on Tally)
  • You started using Tally when it was at version 7.2 and you are thinking it is not worth the money
  • You are using Tally.ERP and you think you have everything you need in a pirated copy
  • You wanted a demo version
  • I don't have money to invest so much on Tally now
Ok - We understand. But if you are in a business that requires you to use Tally or any other accounting software, we are sure you will be able to spend 450/- Rs. PM . Did you know that Tally.ERP 9 is an one-time investment of Rs.13,500/- (i.e only Rs.1125/- per month for the first one year) or a monthly rental of Rs.450/- .

  • I have money. I don't want to invest on Tally
You probably did not know what Tally has to offer. There are many things that can not work in a unpaid version. You are at risk loosing your data. You have no one to ask for help in times of trouble or if something goes wrong. Tally is not just an accounting software. It is an ERP software that is offered at a fraction of the costs of many other ERP solutions. Investing on Tally will only bring a smile on your face and make your life ease.

  • I started using Tally earlier version and I think it is not worth the money

Sorry but we should say you are wrong! There are many enhancements in Tally since earlier version and most of them go unnoticed because you are not aware. The latest version of Tally has a lot to offer. When you buy Tally.ERP 9 you also receive support and training on your customer portal. You are notified about new changes. We are here to help you with any questions you may have. You can also schedule a demo of Tally.ERP 9 by contacting us. We will be pleased to demonstrate what Tally has to offer you. Tally.ERP 9 is definetely worth the buy!

  • I'm using Tally.ERP and I think I have everything I need in a pirated copy
Again, you are wrong. You don't have access to manythings that an original Tally product has to offer. You risk a lot - your data, your computer, etc. Did you ever think, if someone can hack a software, can he not also inject a spyware in it? Yes, when someone is busy hacking products, he is not working for his life. So he depends on this hack for his food. You either donate him or provide him money by installing his patch. You don't know what he has coded, to run on the background, get your data, pass it on to him so he can make some money??!! Well, talk to an expert and get to know more about using pirated software.

  • You wanted a demo version
And you did not find one. So you installed a pirated copy. Tally has a fully working demo - Educational mode - the only restriction is that you will be allowed to enter vouchers only in 3 dates of any month. You can download the latest version of Tally, install it and activate the Educational Mode and try it out.

Contact us today. Be original, be safe!

for Details Contact us at +91 - 22 - 9320104422 / 9821466968 / 9004809480


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