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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

What is Tally.NET ? Is it mandatory to Renew Tally.Net Subscription.

It is Tally.ERP 9 with a set of capabilities enabled by a service called Tally.NET.
Subscribe now and get complete peace of mind throughout the year, with the following Tally.NET services.
  • Get Product Upgrades & Statutory Updates throughout the Year.
  • Get all releases and hasslefree Statutory Compliance.
  • Unlimited Data Synchronization.
  • Unlimited Data exchange and consolidation anywhere and anytime. Now your branch offices are just a click away…..!!!
  • Unlimited RemoteAccess / Edit Services.
  • Manage your Business on the move!!! Get Audit services from your CA.
  • Remote Edit makes changes on the fly, even when away from office. Your Business requires you to do remote entry & edit.
  • Account Management – Single & Multi Site.
  • Self - manage your Tally.ERP 9.
  • Multiple Serial Management.
  • Manage multiple sites of your enterprise at the click of a button Online Help & Support.
  • Request, receive and resolve support from within Tally.ERP 9.
  • Access Tally via SMS – Instant information to boost productivity and enhance decision – making in your business!!!
How do I verify my Tally.NET Subscription Status?

The Subscription status of Tally.NET can be traced within the product main screen, from the information panel. In case of a Valid Tally.NET subscription the information panel will display “Tally.NET Subscription valid Till DD-MM-YYYY” (Date based on activation/ renewal)

Seven days prior to Tally.NET subscription expiry, subscription information would turn to red, on expiry the panel would display “Tally.NET subscription expired”

Hurry!! Subscribe Now, Get Complete Peace of Mind

Tally.Net Subscription (Silver)  Single User Rs. 2700/-

Tally.Net Subscription (Gold)  Multi User Rs.  8100/-

You Can Also Subscribe Online By Clicking Here

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